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Friday, April 2, 2010

Why do you scrapbook?

Do you ever feel that time is going by so fast that it's passing you by? That probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but I'm in a reflective kind of mood this morning, I guess.
Its hard to believe that I'm going on 58 years old! That my children are all grown; that half of my grandchildren are grown; that I have GREAT-Grandchildren; and that I'm getting OLD! lol I know that basically 58 isn't really that old, but my body is practically worn out and after a night of arthritis pain keeping me awake, then I feel OLD!
I sit here looking at my baker's rack full of scrapbooks (that's what I have them stored on), and I see LIFE, at least life of the last almost 20 years. I wonder if, once I've gone on to my eternal reward, will whoever inherits these albums appreciate these books of love the way I do! Will they sit and look at the memories and smile and be thankful that I took the time to do this for them? Will someday my little great-grandchildren look at them and think, "wow, my great-granny really loved her family!"
I'm believing that they will! That leaving this legacy of love via scrapbooks will make a difference in my family's lifes someday by showing them how much I truly did love them!
I might not make the most perfect or fanciest layouts, but each one is made with a smile, a prayer for the person involved, and a whisper that says, "I love you!"
That's why I scrapbook...

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