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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's been a long time....again!

Sometimes I just flat forget about my blog!  I get busy with all the other things and just don't come here and upload all of my things like I should...  Anyway thought I'd at least add a few cards that I've made lately and then maybe try to get started back blogging on a regular basis again!
My church ladies made 164 Christmas cards to send to a National Guard unit from Oklahoma!  I was so happy that they got so involved in making cards! (my idea of course haha)  don't have any pics of those to share, but just wanted to make a mention of it.
Okay...will get on with adding pics!


  1. Your cards are lovely and big kudos to your church ladies for making 164 cards !!
    Don't woryy about regular blogging... it's suppose to be fun, not a chore :)
    Hugs, Mindy


  2. Hi Connie, I'm follower number 4! Thanks for following my new blog also. Once the craziness of the holidays is over I'll be posting a lot more.